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The new age bitcoin casino is here. Dice Pool flips they way traditional bitcoin casinos work, on its head. All our games are player versus player(P2P), meaning there is no house edge so a player always wins. We want to set ourselves apart from other bitcoin casino's by bringing in a high level of integrity into the crypto space and ultimately growing the bitcoin community as a whole.

Our bitcoin dice game is very simple. Its designed so anyone can win. Our BTC jackpot is even easier, just keep rolling for your chance to win. Create your account for some free crypto on us.

To insure your wallet is safe and secure all the crypto used on dicepool is in cold storage. Our bitcoin dice game is also provably fair, you can find more information on how that works here.

We are gradually updating all graphics and designs, please let us know if you have any feedback. We have a lot more updates and features on their way such as a bitcoin dice faucet, more gaming rooms with higher betting tiers and other crypto currencies. We will also be introducing BTC poker in the coming months.


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Happy Rolling,


The Dice Pool Team

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