Dice Pool BTC is provably fair. We are a Peer to Peer crypto casino. That means you are always versing another player not the house. We are not finacially invested in the outcome of a win or a loss as we work on a rake system (like poker). We charge a small rake (0.00003 BTC) to the winner of every round. Win or loss is the same outcome for us and therefore there is no motivation to influence the outcome. We belive this is ethicly the best way to operate and this separates Dice Pool from other cryptocurrency gambling sites.

For more information please visit our Fairness page. 


Peer to Peer (P2P) bitcoin gaming works differently from other bitcoin gambling models. Normally players will play the house and the house has a chance of winning (house edge).The casino is playing against you. Even in the best crypto casinos this "edge" can be quite high. It is designed to slowly take a players moniey over time. On some bitcoin gambling sites the house edge has been manipulated to fleece players of thier money. We decided we didnt want to do that and created a fully transparent P2P platform.

Because our btc dice game is P2P there is always a winner and its impossible for the house to win. We make our money by charging a very small rake (0.00003 BTC) per round. This is how poker normally operates in casinos. Dice Pool is just the bitcoin game provider we do not play the game ourselves nor are we invested in the outcome of any round played at our bitcoin casino.



Dice Pool is a very simple crypto dice game. All you need to do is register and verify your account then login to play. Simply click the play next round button and you will shortly be versing your opponent. Both you and your opponent will roll 2 dice and the highest total roll wins.



A house edge is the BTC casino's chance of winning. Dice Pool DOES NOT have a house edge. A player always wins a dice round (see What is peer to peer gaming for more on this). We belive this is what makes us the best bitcoin casino



Short answer, No. The longer answer is we are in the process of designing the BTC faucet and it will be coming shortly. We do however have a BTC bonus when you create an account that will cover your first roll. You can start by creating your account here



To get the free bitcoin bonus all you need to do is create your account and we will deposit .00001 BTC to your wallet.

The Free BTC bonus is once off per person however we are in the process of creating a bitcoin faucet which will be going live soon.



How can you be the best crypto casino without having a jackpot! Its easy to win the BTC jackpot, all you need to do is play. Every round of betting the jackpot increases until it is awarded and then it resets again. There is a random chance on every bet that the jackpot will be awarded to the winner or loser of that roll.



Currently Dice Pool BTC has one room open and the betting amount is fixed at 0.0001 BTC. When you want to play a round 0.0001 btc will be deducted from your onsite wallet. When you you win the winnings will be deposited in to your onsite wallet immeadiatly.

The Btc Dice is set to manual by default, meaning each round you want to play you need to opt in by pressing play. Auto betting is availlable as well.


We will be opening up more rooms in the near future.



Auto betting allows you to play with BTC dice on auto pilot. You can select the amount of dice games you want to play and when to stop.



Once you are logged in, simply click the deposit tab in the right hand corner of your screen and follow the promts. Select the amount you wish to deposit. Then its time to play some crypto dice! If you have any issues, email dicepoolbtc@gmail.com.



Simply click the withdraw tab. Your withdrawal may take from 2 minutes to 24hrs and will be sent manually. This eliminates the chances of any kind of hacking on our website or user accounts. Auto withdrawals increase the chances of exploitation. We charge a 1.5% transaction fee to offset the 1.5% that we pay when you deposit. We are committed to keeping your Crypto safe! Have fun and play responsibly!



Our goal at dicepool is to become the most ethical and fair bitcoin dice website. We belive our resposibility is to you, our customers to provide a safe place for you to gamble responsibly. Gambling should be treated as a fun pastime and not as a means to generate income. Should you need to take a break from gambling please contact us at support@dicepoolbtc.com



Every round of cryptodice played will generate a hash number which you can search and view the results in the history tab.You can also view your last round results in the last round section on the game page.